Malwarebytes Customer Support Number (1-800-841-7847)

Malwarebytes antivirus is the top antivirus program available in the market. It provides the best protection for your device from all types of harmful viruses, malicious URLs, and other malware attacks. When this antivirus detects a malicious URL through the web, it immediately blocks that IP address of the website immediately. The other good feature about Malwarebytes is that it is a very light-weighted antivirus and has a very low system impact. If you need any suggestions regarding Malwarebytes Phone Number, contact Malwarebytes Support Phone Number.

Sometimes a user may face issues many types of issues while using Malwarebytes antivirus. For reliable solutions, dial our Malwarebytes Support Number for help. We have an expert technical team which has years of experience in this field. You can easily contact Malwarebytes Customer Support Number and get the solutions in a very friendly manner.

Why choose Malwarebytes Support over service centers?

Issues are like uninvited guests for our device, they can knock the door of our system at any time of the day, but you may not ready for them. Suppose you are working on a presentation at midnight and your system is getting frequent crashes while updating the Malwarebytes. At that moment, you can ask help from either service centers or by our help support. If you ask service centers for help, they may not available at night. Most of the service centers are time bound and closed at night. For most reliable and quick help support, dial Malwarebytes Support Telephone Number. Our expert team will listen to your query and will deliver you the most working solutions.

Issues related to Malwarebytes which can be easily resolved by dialing Phone Number for Malwarebytes

Unable to install Malwarebytes: Many users may face issues while installing the Malwarebytes in the system. Before installing the antivirus in your device, check the internet speed of your device. Also, check the system specifications according to the system requirement of your Malwarebytes antivirus product. Here are the steps for installing Malwarebytes in your device:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go the official website of Malwarebytes
  • Click on the free download button. It will redirect you to another page
  1. The download will start automatically
  2. Tap the Click here button
  3. If the downloading of Malwarebytes does not start automatically then contact Phone Number for Malwarebytes.
  • A run dialog box will appear on the screen asking if you want to save or run the Malwarebytes antivirus.
  • Select the language
  1. Click on OK button
  2. Malwarebytes antivirus setup wizard window will appear on the screen
  3. Tap on Next button
  • Tap on I accept the agreement window
  • Click on Next button
  • A setup dialog box will appear
  1. Click on Next button
  • Select Destination location dialog box will appear on the screen
  • Choose the location for saving all the files related to Malwarebytes
  • Click on Next button
  • Click on the install button
  1. Click Finish
  • After installation, restart your device

Unable to use Malwarebytes in my system: After proper installation, you will see Scan now option in the screen

Before scanning the device, check for the updates

If available, update your antivirus quickly

  1. Click on scan now button
  2. After complete scanning, review the result
  • Select the Quarantine item.
  1. If you don’t want quarantine items, uncheck them
  2. Press the Reports tab
  3. Go to Scan Report
  • Click on view report
  • Open the Quarantine tab to view the quarantine items
  1. Select the items you want to delete from Quarantine
  2. Restart your device

Unable to access the website: You may get this issue when the Malwarebytes antivirus detects a website as malicious. Malwarebytes will notify you with a pop-up message that the website you want to access is malicious. It will block that website and you will not be able to access that particular URL. If you want to access that URL, right click on the Malwarebytes antivirus tray icon and go to the Website Blocking option. Uncheck the dialog box. Again try to access that URL, if you are still unable to get the access then dial our Malwarebytes Support Contact number and ask for help.

Malicious URL protection disabled: If the malicious website protection features of Malwarebytes get disabled, your device may get viruses and malware from harmful URLs. Here are the steps for enabling the malicious website protection feature:

  1. Restart your system
  2. Go to the dashboard
  • Tap on update now button
  1. Close Malwarebytes antivirus program
  2. Reopen the Malwarebytes antivirus program
  3. Check your malicious website protection feature is working or not.

Issues in scanning the software: Malwarebytes is an excellent antivirus with has a very good malware detection rate. You may get this issue due to many reasons such as computer hardware issues, low disk space etc. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Malwarebytes antivirus, if you are still facing the same problem then contact Malwarebytes Tech Support Phone Number.

Error 20025: Error 20025 is a common type of error in Malwarebytes antivirus. Most of the time, this issue occurs during the installation of Malwarebytes in the device. This error can also occur while installing the Operating system. Error 20025 can be fixed by updating the PC drivers. Try updating all your PC drivers. If still getting the same error, contact Malwarebytes Phone Number.

How to contact Malwarebytes Support Phone Number?

We are 24*7 available for providing you help support related to Malwarebytes. We are also providing you with various platforms for contacting us:

  • Support via phone call: Dial our Malwarebytes Support Number, your call will be attended by our technical executives.
  • Via live chat: We are aware that many users don’t feel comfortable with a phone call, for those users we are providing live chat help support
  • You can also get our help support in various social networking sites.