The demand for anti-virus software is rising exponentially with an increase in the number of ransomware attacks, which can take away all your data in just snap of your fingers. A big thank to Norton anti-virus software which protects the users from being caught by these cyber attacks. Apart from providing security to your system from virus and other unauthentic malware it also restricts the virus coming from Facebook, as in many cases virus enter your system from the Facebook. Its Sonar technology is becoming very fruitful for early detection of virus and by inhibiting the download of apps through unauthentic suspicious sources. So in order to protect your data from getting encrypted, it is very important to install Norton anti-virus software. You may find difficulties doing so as there is no help no. provided for customer support by Norton team. You can take the help of our Norton Anti-Virus Customer Support Number.


Norton Tech Support Number is offering you 24*7 service support which you can’t get from service centers because they are usually time-bounds. Most of the support centers are closed at night so you can’t get help from them. Say you are getting an issue at midnight, and then you can’t ask service centers for help. But our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number is providing you round the clock services for seven days a week which means you can get our help any time of the day. You can easily contact us by dialing our help support number; our expert technician team has years of experience in this particular field, and can easily sort out your issues quickly.


  1. Unable to Download the Software: If you have subscribed to Norton Anti-Virus software but not able to download it for your system, you can contact our Norton Anti-Virus Customer Support Team.
  2. Fail to Install Anti-virus: The next task after downloading the software is to install it. Finding a problem to install it? With the help of our Norton Customer Support team, you can get out of this problem with the best possible minimum time.
  3. Renewal Issue: Even if you are already a user of Norton anti-virus software still there are chances that at one point in time or other you might find the need for customer support number. For example, when fails to the renewal of the software.
  4. Functioning Issue: Sometimes it might happen that your anti-virus software fails to scan files properly and show deviations from proper working. In this case, you can contact our team of dedicated professionals to get your problem solved, which otherwise difficult to handle for a person who doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of technology.
  5. Frequent crashes: Sometimes a user may face frequent crashes while scanning with Norton antivirus software program. Try the steps mentioned below for resolving frequent crashes:
  • Close all the running programs
  • Restart your system
  • Run your device in safe mode with Networking
  • Open the Norton antivirus
  • Update the antivirus with the latest version of Norton antivirus
  • Run a full scan with Norton antivirus; again try to open the system in normal mode. If you are still unable to resolve the problem then you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton antivirus. Contact Norton Technical Support Number and get the most reliable help support.

The Internet is not working: Sometimes after installing the Norton antivirus, your internet may stop working. This issues may occur when the Firewall of Norton Antivirus block the internet connection. But before finding any solutions, check your ISP. If your ISP is working properly and you are still getting this issue then try the steps mentioned below:

  • Close the entire running program in the system
  • Restart your device again
  • Now, open only Norton antivirus
  • Go to settings
  • Open the Firewall of Norton antivirus
  • Open general settings
  • Toggle the slider to turn off the firewall
  • Now, go to the protection alert dialog box
  • Click on the apply button
  • Choose the permanent option
  • Tap on the apply button
  • Tap OK button
  • Now, restart your device
  • Open Norton antivirus program
  • Check for new updates
  • If available, update your Norton antivirus
  • Now, turn on your Norton Firewall. If you are still don’t have internet access then get the help support from Norton Customer Support Number.
  1. Unable to scan: This issue can occur due to many issues like corrupt program files, incomplete Norton Setup files. You can try reinstalling the Norton antivirus program again properly. You can also contact Norton Support Phone Number for step by step guidelines.
  2. Unable to access the website: You may unable to access the file if Norton antivirus detects that URL as harmful. If Norton antivirus detects the URL as harmful, it blocks the site and you can’t access it. But if you have to access that website then go the setting page of Norton antivirus and disable the website blocking icon. Now, again try to access that website.


You can use any following mode to contact us; we will support you in sorting out your queries.

  1. You will be contented with our services and support, leave a text message with your issues.
  2. The other medium through which you can access our support is to drop an email to our customer support team.
  3. Directly talk over the phone to our Norton customer support team and solve your issues within a while.
  4. Eventually, the last thing that left behind is the mode of online support by our software customer support team.


We have a team of very diligent and professional experts, which are eager to support you through above-described mediums. Our services are just one phone call away from you. We provide round the clock services with maximum efforts and a high percentage of accuracy. So there is no need to randomly move here and there in search of a customer support center for solving your problems.